AI and the Human Experience

Apr 4, 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us. It drives the ‘smart’ in our smartphones, fosters the ‘social’ in social media, and makes online shops resemble their offline counterparts using smart recommendation systems.

Simply put, AI is based on computer algorithms that use our words and behaviors to create and refine models. That’s exactly why designing a successful AI system requires a thorough understanding of, well, being human. As the firm dedicated to perfecting relationship experience, TPG designed the AI in Anna® to do just that.

Anna® extends perceptual and reasoning abilities about language and relationships, and provides a needed, objective look at how we interact with the world around us. Through its AI, Anna can efficiently and effectively evaluate interactions across hundreds of critical variables, a sharp contrast to traditional, manual analysis methods that can take weeks to execute and with less confidence in outcomes while also being a stark contrast to speech analytics with simple binary decisioning.

At its core Anna® is powered by TPG’s patented relationship experience Compendium, comprised of 300+ variables tested and validated across millions of interactions amongst Fortune 500 customers. For over 25 years, the TPG Compendium behind Anna® comprehensively assessed customer-agent interactions, to include critical areas of customer motivation, service effectiveness, and communication delivery. Therefore, Anna® can capably identify success or struggles in human communication, and even where gaps in compliance and service delivery occurs.

Behind the curtain, Anna® transcribes conversations, identifies word patterns, understands dialogue intent and semantics, and more. Anna® evaluations then flow seamlessly into an online coaching application and compliance tool to help organizations make strategic adjustments in both how they should communicate to and with the world. Complex additional statistical analyses highlight relationships across communication occurrences, also opportunities for additional interaction success.

Anna® is not just the future of customer relationships but how we reason about reasoning. Its application of bleeding edge AI to automate the TPG Compendium unlocks unprecedented and rapid insights into nuance of communication exchange. We started the company with a goal of mastering this; now we’re excited to be revolutionizing it.

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