Lisa DeFalco

CEO and Founder

A recognized thought-leader in the Customer Experience and Quality Assurance market, Lisa has more than 29 years of experience assessing contact center interactions, diagnosing quality gaps and improving communications to drive business returns. As the founder of the Independent Quality Assurance market, she coined the term “IQA” and worked to establish a diagnostic product methodology that would result in the creation of a linguistic model that is statistically linked to corporate performance indicators (to allow for predictive business intelligence modeling).

Lisa’s expertise is the result of years of call listening experience coupled with hands-on contact center improvement experience. Having conducted supervisor and agent training, calibration and coaching in more than 70 contact centers for more than 40 BPOs and corporations throughout her career, she has gained significant insight on how to affect behavioral change with the insight gleaned from customer experience linguistic diagnostics.

Prior to her launch within the quality assurance market, Lisa had operational oversight for a domestic BPO with training, quality assurance, operational delivery and performance management responsibility for more than 250 agents.

Today, Lisa serves as TPG’s Chief Executive Officer and its Chief Product Designer, guiding TPG’s product teams in the design and delivery of products that Evaluate, Predict, Educate and Improve Customer Experience.