Creating The Ideal Conversation®

Powered by Anna®, our AI-based evaluation platform, we deliver Intelligent CX®. With solutions ranging from acquisition to risk management, we’re proud to help our partners create The Ideal Conversation, driving connections, resolution, and loyalty with customers and prospects.

Our Mission

Be the voice of humanity in a digital world to create and assess ideal communication experiences.

TPG’s Core Values:

Innovative: We set the industry standard in CX.

Loyal: We are champions of our clients’ businesses and our own.

Humbly Self-reflective: We are on a path of continued evolution.

Grateful: We are grateful for the opportunity.

Meet the Founder

Lisa DeFalco

Lisa DeFalco

Founder & CEO

Lisa DeFalco

Founder & CEO

Lisa DeFalco founded the Independent Quality Assurance market, starting both an industry and a movement with the phrase “this call may be monitored for quality assurance.” Opening TPG in 1996, Lisa has designed the methodology that the Fortune 500 uses to define a “good call.” That methodology is in place among the largest corporations on the globe in 9 countries and 13 languages, and applied across 180 million interactions and growing.

Throughout Lisa’s 30 years in the contact center industry, she has served on the industry’s trade association (American TeleServices Association/PACE) as its Board of Director Chairwoman. During her 12-year tenure as the Chairwoman and Board officer, she has met with governmental regulators and members of Congress to advocate the value of contact centers in support of American business communication with consumers. During her tenure, she formed the industry’s Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) with the cooperation of industry and federal regulators to define compliant consumer protection standards for contact center communication, earning leadership recognition for federal and state regulatory compliance knowledge.

As the CEO of TPG, Inc., Lisa is the visionary behind TPG’s products, delivery model, and the innovative path to incorporate its proprietary evaluation methods within AI technology, including their newest AI based technology Anna, transforming TPG into an industry leading CX technology firm.

Creating The Ideal Conversation

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